Penetration testing on demand

As networks, users, devices, and applications constantly change and expose vulnerabilities as a result, it is critical to pen-test more regularly. This fully automated, agent-less solution allows you to test as often as required and ensures you are always able to verify the security of your infrastructure to maintain increased vigilance.

Penetration testing more frequently allows you to consistently validate and improve your infrastructure security and cyber posture, by seeking out system and network vulnerabilities like a hacker would, we can now achieve pre-emptive visibility of what would be exploited and exfiltrated but without the devastating consequences of an attack. Automated pen testing is carried out at machine speed, thereby testing more elements of a network in a shorter period of time and often to a greater depth of investigation and consistency than a human pen test.

  • Agentless – Zero installations
  • Automatic – Just press “Play” and wait for the results
  • Harmless – Works like a hacker but without the disruption & consequences
  • Consistent – Test and re-test, validate with new levels of consistency
  • Visibility – Identify and pre-empt what a hacker would target
  • Remediate – get clear prioritised remediation instructions
  • 24/7 – Always available, pen test on demand

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