data breach calculator

Data Breach Calculator

Cyber-attacks and data breaches are now experienced by around 46% of all UK businesses each year rising to 75% of all large businesses. Focussed ransomware attacks affect around 9% of these organisations resulting in around £210m of paid ransoms in 2020.

The loss of critical data or intellectual property has a major impact on even the basic operation of a business, reputational damage, recovery costs including associated regulatory fines can cause significant financial repercussions that last for years and some never recover.

Use the calculator below to determine how your business may be affected in the event of a cyber-attack or data breach.

Data Breach Calculator
Does your business store it’s computer Data within the British Isles?
Does your business hold any design patents or Intellectual Property rights?
Does your business employ IT professionals
Number of Employees

Studies show that businesses who prepare and protect against a cyber-attack or data breach can significantly reduce the operational consequences and minimise financial loss, why not talk to one of our team to understand how we can help you mitigate against the catastrophic damage caused by cyber incident.